Friday, September 25, 2015

Growing up...When did that happen?

Hello again my many imaginary followers of my almighty blog. I'm sure you were wondering to what far reaches of the universe I was hiding in. Well, I have triumphantly returned with no vengeance at all simply because my mind somehow remembered, oh yeah, I have a blog. So without further adieu, I will waste just a little more of your time if you choose to read further....

Well, you know those moments? Yeah, those, where you just contemplate, but it's more just daydreaming because your mind isn't doing anything else. Yeah, that one.... In that zone right now.... I've come to that thinking and realizing again that I'm 33 years old. Where in the world did 20 go?! I'm out of college (with a Master's degree), have a career job (and somehow I'm department chair of the Social Studies Department), have a wife (who is an awesome and beautiful woman....SCORE!...Okay, had to throw that in), have 2 amazing kids (One is a hilarious, energetic, yet stubborn to the core boy who is 5 years old....and the other is a pretty princess already at 4 months), have a house, have 2 cars,  have a pet dog and fish, etc...... We live in a suburb of the city, take our son to sports' practices/games, wonder what's for dinner, do those daily house chores when we can, pay bills, and check, check, check on the rest of the list. Just wow! Where did the time go? On top of that, the white hairs have hit the head and beard on my face....They are announcing getting older with definite clarity...But you know what, love it, and wouldn't have it any other way. So here's to growing up, growing old, or whatever....Okay, I need a nap.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

USA Soccer

In case you haven't heard, there is a little known tournament having to deal with the sport of soccer down in Brazil. It can be kind of a big deal. I think it's called the World Cup or something of the sort. Well, on that subject, the USA men's soccer team involved in the tournament had the type of opening game that you would only hear in the annuals of American sports' heroism. The team scores in the first minute setting off a euphoria of celebrations, only to have two very important players injured, another receive a broken nose (but continue to play because well, he's one tough guy who will not quit), the opponent dominate the possession of the ball and tie the game against the exhausted and injured USA team in hot and humid conditions, and only for the USA to score that last minute HEROIC goal as if it was meant to be. Well, a quick history of the opponent is that it was Ghana, the same team that knocked the United States out of the last 2 World Cups (2006 and 2010). The game wasn't pretty but the USA earned the win in the only way it knew how, by not quitting. GO USA!

Friday, April 11, 2014

mmmmmmm, donuts...

Okay, I'm trying a new self-challenge and already a hypocrite from the start. I just had a couple donuts, which were absolutely tasty by the way, but will attempt the how long can I go without sugar challenge. And I'm talking about the bad, processed, keep the food longer on the shelf type sugar. Okay, with me, maybe it should be more of how many hours or minutes can I go instead of days without it. As I'm typing this, 2 large boxes of donuts are sitting in front of me. Good thing they are labeled for a fellow co-worker's (teacher) classroom or I'd be tearing into them like it was my last meal. Okay, let's get this no sugar thing going! A chocolate chip cookie sounds pretty good right now.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Welcomed honesty to the game of soccer

Soccer can be a game of wonderful teamwork, skill, and unfortunately, the occasional theatrics to con the referee. This video is a breath of fresh honesty by a player who admitted to the referee (who awarded the penalty kick based upon a "foul") he was not fouled when he fell in the box.

Saturday, March 8, 2014


Well, when you have time on your hands (recovering from surgery), you have time to blog, blog, blog. So, here's some more blogging. I'm finding this recovery from triple hernia surgery one of the greatest physical challenges I've ever faced. Never have I felt so handicapped before. So, I'm trying to keep myself from being too handicapped. I can still blog. Obviously, this surgery fixed a problem I had physically. So now that it is fixed, I'm looking forward to full recovery and challenging myself even more. My goal is to knock several more goals off the list. Time to check them off. So, the next goal is full health recovery, then full physical recovery as in strength and stamina, then complete a triathlon by the end of this year. I'm not talking about some crazy Iron Man triathlon but just a basic beginners triathlon to challenge myself. I want to continue to be a person that establishes goals and complete what I start to hopefully inspire my family (wonderful wife and son), and possibly others who would choose to be inspired. So, with God's help, that is the goal I'm striving for. Praying for full recovery. And there's my blog thought for the evening.

New experience of excruciating pain.

I've felt pain before, but never something as terrible and overbearing as the pain I'm having now. Yesterday, March 7th, I went under the knife for triple hernia surgery. Being a person who is the type that loves to stay active, whether sports, working out, or even my interest in actually liking yard work, I was bound to have problems eventually. I guess being over 30 and it's attributes of healing slower then my injuries of younger years caught up to me. I was expecting discomfort after the surgery, but since the numbing help of anesthesia and pain medication wore off, I have felt pain as never felt before with the first moment my feet felt the floor this morning. Every step from the bed to the restroom was a challenge of overcoming the pain. And the trip back to bed was just as painfully nightmarish. I'm now confined to the bed for however long this pain will last, and this is an incredibly new and challenging experience for me. Yes, I love being able to voluntarily sit down with free time and watch some television, especially when my sport of soccer is on, but the ability to do other things just isn't there as this pain is blocking that ability. I'm usually a patient person and understand that strengthened patience comes from tested patience. I'm definitely being tested in patience as I must wait this out. So, with that update, this blog has helped pass the time. So, what else can I do with my time of being severely limited in what I can physically do? Thinking, thinking, thinking.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Triumphant Return...

I'm back from my "how long as it been since my last blog entry" hiatus. I went on sabbatical to the far reaches of the globe to find myself like those cheesy, Oscar-nominated, type movies where people making dumb decisions seems to be worthy of an acting trophy. Okay, in reality, I became a lazy blogger and procrastinated a few years. So I'm now renewing my blogger membership card to expound the ideas from my mighty, dorky brain. Now, what to blog about? Hmmmm...I'll get back to you on that.